Question of the day: how will I avoid procrastinating?

I’m collecting inspiration! Here are a few recommended anti-procrastination techniques:

  • 30 min. unbreakable appointments (hourglass optional)–from Claudia Mills
  • Butt-in-Chair–Jane Yolen, Take Joy
  • BIC HOK TAM–Book-in-a-Week (Butt in chair, hands on keyboard, typing away madly;
  • Permission to write a *$!#$! first draft (even if it’s a first draft of a rewritten scene)–Anne Lamott, Bird By Bird
  • Short assignments–Heather Sellers, Page After Page
  • Don’t fear finishing–Eric Maisel, Fearless Creating
  • Remove to a coffee shop or library with naught but the WIP–Cheryl (moi). Sometimes escaping distractions is the best solution.

Now, I need to crochet another few rows with my pretty new yarn….NOT!

:) Cheryl

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