Ze Puppy

Did I mention we have a new puppy in our house? Beau (short for Beauregard) is amazingly cute and very cuddly. He’s part boxer (read: very little insulation) which means he’d prefer to sleep in someone’s lap. Preferably under the covers in their soft bed.

Beau has been very busy during the past week and a half (the amount of time he’s spent living with our family). Here are a few of his accomplishments:
  • Explored kitchen
  • Dismantled blockade #1, designed to keep him in kitchen
  • Leapt over blockade #2
  • Discovered baby bird
  • Carried baby bird around by head (very gently; the bird was fine, albeit slobbery)
  • Discovered poodle ears as chew toys
  • Discovered manuscript pages as chew toys
  • Savaged one ball of yarn
  • Set world record for extreme napping
  • Discovered that peeing on grass makes humans act goofy
Hmm. Think he’ll work up to being a full-fledged inspirational pooch?

:) Cheryl
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