Writing: The Mind Game

The “mind game” aspect of writing has been on MY mind a lot lately, maybe because I’m trying to overcome it long enough to get some words down daily. For me, writing is all about conquering–or maybe wooing–the mind. I have to put my mind in another place to write a great scene description; slip my mind into another body to write convincingly from someone else’s point of view.

Today’s mind game? Sidestepping the following:
  1. Existential writing questions (you know, the “What is the meaning of writing, the universe, and everything?” kind, or worse, the “Should I really spend the time on this rewrite or would it be smarter to come up with a REALLY great idea…?”)
  2. Sudden hunger/thirst/caffeine attacks
  3. Laundry
  4. Puppy lips on my keyboard (theoretically)
  5. Lists of “to-do”s that are really “to-don’t”s, at least during writing time
  6. Napping urges
  7. A dozen new craft ideas that I should test and write up RIGHT NOW (not that that would be a bad thing, in that I’d have some crafts to submit and get some more subs out there, but they aren’t my current top priority)
  8. Sudden ideas for other stories/characters/worlds/magic systems
  9. Repeats of above nap, food, drink, and caffeine siren calls
  10. Cruising the net and reading all my favorite blogs….

:) Cheryl

PS–No, I was not kidding about the puppy lips. Look at that face! Could you push him away? 😛

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