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Or should it be WOW?

I returned from the first-ever Writing Away Retreat, hosted by the incredible Cicily Janus, and it was far and away one of the best writing events I’ve ever attended. More on that later, when I have more than a few secs to write. BUT…if you’re interested, check out http://www.writingawayretreats.com/. If at all possible, I’ll be there for the May 2009 retreat.

Meanwhile, here’s info on an opportunity to attend for FREE, from Cicily:

Dishing up fear! Let’s combine my love for cooking and short stories! I’ve heard editors say that horror/thriller writer’s are hard to find. And good ones, even more difficult to find. So let’s prove them wrong.

CONTEST: Submit a short story or portion of novel UP TO 5K words to using this as your topic: “Dishing up fear.” Can be anything as long as it fits within this topic. Of course I’m looking for the very best writing, not just gore for gore sake. Not into that. I’m much more easily scared with suspenseful words…

Entry Fee: $10.00 USD via paypal.Once entry is sent into above email address, paypal invoice will be sent out. All non-paid entries will be discarded. For your money, you get a crit. of your short or novel excerpt and if it’s good enough, a suggestion of where you can submit the piece within the short story markets.

Deadline: January 1, 2009: Midnight. Must be submitted and paid for by that date.

Submit to: creativelivesworkshop@hotmail.com with Writing Away Retreats Contest as the subject line. Stories must be attached as a PDF/RTF/DOC file otherwise will not be opened. Any entry over 5K words will be disqualified. WINNER ANNOUNCED ON JANUARY 15th, 2009.

Winner receives a full ride to Writing Away Retreats worth 1000.00 USD. If winner wishes to bring spouse or friend to the retreat, he/she will have to pay the remainder of 750.00 of the couple charge. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to study your craft with the best in the field, bask in the creative light at a wonderful destination and taste some of the best food you’ve ever experienced all in one place. Good Luck!

Yours in Words, Cicily (www.cicilyjanus.net)

OH AND PLEASE REPOST THIS ON ANY SITES YOU MIGHT DEEM APPROPRIATE! Website for Writing Away Retreats to be updated with contest details and registration details for May Retreat within the next week or two.
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