The gift (?) of perpetual surprise

Why is it that I continue to be surprised when writing is–hold onto your computer screens here–hard. Yep, it’s true. Sometimes when we writerly types sit at the keyboard, the words refuse to jump through their hoops.

It’s not that I ever find writing easy, exactly. It always takes a certain amount of effort to move from an amorphous vision to polished words on a page. But sometimes the first step of the process–dreaming the scenes–comes so easily that it’s jarring to lose all momentum at the keyboard. I mean, it was all so clear in my mind, so alive and vivid; why are the words emerging as sawdust?

So today I took two breaks to get coffee, rearranged existing text a half dozen times, reread the opening chapter twice, and began chapter 2 about ten times. The result: I’m fairly convinced that the scene that seemed so perfect in my imagination doesn’t work on paper.

Although, come to think of it, I might have a new vision of how to move the story forward. It looks absolutely perfect in my mind…we’ll see how it looks on paper tomorrow.

:) Cheryl
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