Notes to start a writer’s week…

There are many, many things to think about when revising a novel. When you read back over that first draft, you might spot any of the following that need attention:

  • voice
  • character arc
  • continuity
  • memories/flashbacks to insert
  • scenes to add/remove/tighten
  • relationship arcs
  • themes to strengthen (or give a lighter touch)
  • language
  • setting/description
  • plot structure

Need I go on. But, dear writers who are anything like me, remember these two important rules before tackling that rewrite:

  1. You can only work on one thing at a time.
  2. You finished the book, so whenever needed–celebrate!

Okay, not sure if the last is a rule—but I did finish the Peru book. So far, its temporary titles include “Peru story,” “Peru book,” “Luciana’s Story,” and “Luciana Unlimited.” None of them really work. My husband and dear first-draft reader promised to come up with a better one for me.

Back to the rewrite….

:) Cheryl

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