Writing tool of the week

Today, I have to come down strongly in favor of the iPhone as a tool for making blogging possible. Yes, I have to type posts with my thumbs, and yes, it takes longer than if I was sitting at my desk computer– but when I’m sitting at my desk, I try to seize those rare moments for other kinds of writing. Like, the kind that pays.

Okay, the kind that pays in theory.

Now when I have 10 spare minutes waiting for my son to get out of school, I can return to the blogosphere.

— Cheryl :-)

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You’ve probably read the same tips I have: Have a smart phone? Check Facebook while standing in line at the post office! Respond to Twitter messages while waiting for your dentist! Catch up on your news feed while sitting on the pot! For years, I thought the path to increased productivity was to squeeze in MORE–more […]

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