A New Direction


First off, thanks and an apology to all you faithful readers who have been visiting my blog only to find it rather sparse on content of late. Between a flurry of deadlines and end-of-school madness and a bout of illness (pneumonia! Who gets pneumonia in sunny, gorgeous May weather?), this blog has definitely been on a downward slide.

But that slide has prompted a bit of soul-searching, the kind that almost every blog writer undergoes sooner or later. What’s the purpose of this blog? Who am I trying to reach? What am I trying to provide for them?

I started this blog July 2007, almost two years ago. When I did, I envisioned it as a place to post my thoughts on the writing process–and the process of being a writer. Fine goals, those, but I think there are plenty of other writers/bloggers out there doing the same thing.

Since then, I’ve delved more into the blogging community. I’ve discovered blogs that I love, like the Shrinking Violets, targeted toward introverted writers; Yat Yee’s blog, with its focus on book reviews and fostering a community of writers; and, of course, the quintessential children’s writers’ blog, Cynsations. I find that the blogs I keep reading are those with a focus or perspective no one else offers.

I want to do that.

So…next week this blog will set out in a new direction. Don’t worry—I’m not planning massive changes—but I want to hone my focus. It’s time to shake things up a bit!

:-) Cheryl

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  1. Yat-Yee says

    Thanks, Cheryl, for including my blog. I can’t wait to see you’re heading.

  2. Cheryl Reif says

    Thanks Yat-Yee–I really admire your blog :). It’s a great resource, plus it makes me smile.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m busily putting things together….

  3. Heather Zundel says

    Oooh, I’m excited to see where you are gonna go with this. Looking forward to Monday Cheryl.

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