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After much thought and soul-searching (helped out by some great posts on branding over at Through the Tollbooth), I think I’ve pinpointed some common themes in what I write.
This was a daunting task for someone who writes patient education material, medical presentations, blogs about the writing life, science articles for adults, science articles for kids, children’s fiction, young adult fiction, fantasy, contemporary, serious, and light-hearted. What the heck does all this have in common?
But as I went through the exercises, some common themes started to emerge:

  • I write about kids discovering their worth
  • I write about kids figuring out their place in the world
  • I write about people finding joy in what they do
  • I write about nature animals–topics that bring me joy

Mix them all together–and I found that I write about people learning to thrive in their lives.
That’s what I want to do. I want to write about how we, as writers, can thrive even as we balance writing time with other full time jobs, such as parenting, caring for a parent, or doing other kinds of work that satisfy the need for an income, but not the creative muse.
I want to write about the RICH writing life. Writers might not all be rich in coin, but we have our own brand of reward! As of today, this blog is moving to a new address: The Rich Writer. There I’ll offer regular encouragement; share useful tools and resources; and present interviews with other writers on the road, about how they balance it all. Please…come pay me a visit!
:) Cheryl

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  1. Casey McCormick says

    What a fabulous idea and offering. Can't wait to be enriched by the blog, Cheryl!

  2. beth says

    What a great way to brand yourself!

  3. Cheryl Reif says

    Thank you, thank you! I'm very excited about it–it's definitely a theme that resonates for me. Thanks so much for your support!

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