Good News!

My writing road took a major turn for the better in the past few weeks, when Agent Gary Heidt of Signature Literary offered to represent me. Yes, I still get a ridiculously silly grin on my face every time I say “my agent”. I had the remarkable good fortune of meeting him at the Spring 2009 Writing Away Retreat, where he critiqued 10,000 words of my work-in-progress, a contemporary YA novel.

If you haven’t checked out the Fall Writing Away Retreat, do so immediately! It’s a fantastic opp, especially for up-and-coming writers. More on that later.
As for Gary—well, what can I say? It’s exhilarating to have someone on my team. He read my middle grade fantasy in a single day and loved it, is enthusiastic about the YA novel he critiqued at the retreat, and we connect on a creative level.

There are no guarantees, of course. I keep telling myself that. I know plenty of writers who have signed with agents and then didn’t sell their books.

But it’s worth a bit of celebration!

:) Cheryl
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  1. MotherReader says

    Congrats! Wishing you continued good fortune!

  2. Gabe says

    That is great. Congrats!

  3. Cheryl Reif says

    Hi Gabe–Thanks for the congrats! The online community is so supportive–I feel like I have my own cheering squad. Thank you :)

  4. Marybeth Poppins says

    Congrats! I checked out the retreat…still a little too expensive for me, but it looks like an incredible opportunity!

    I'm researching agents and your blog keeps popping up on google. Glad I stopped by :)

  5. Cicily Janus says

    I'm such a dork for not commenting on this!!! Super duper proud of you babe. Gary's the rockingest, as you know by now and of course you deserve it because you're the bestest too. See you in a few weeks. Get your calluses callused, fat pants stretched and your grocery shopping shoes laced up! It's that time of year…xoxoox

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