Computer Woes

Man, do I take my technological aids for granted! The past few weeks, I’ve been beset with computer woes–and they’ve completely disrupted my life. One dead laptop, a virus-infected desktop machine, a complete household network overhaul, and a living room rearrangement later, the end is finally in sight.

I feel exceptionally fortunate to be married to a guy who’s not only a sweetheart, but is also a card-carrying computer geek.

On the plus side, 1) we’ve managed to recover almost all the files from my bucket-kicking laptop, and 2) the computer/network upheaval has resulted in the closest thing to an office that I’ve had in a long time. We purchased a lovely little desk off Craigslist (defintely the best furniture supply store for the cash-strapped writer) and a big piece of privacy lattice from Home Depot, and voilà! My living room corner transformed into a cozy writing nook!

Now that I have a working computer, blogging will be a whole lot easier again. iPhones are great, but they aren’t as good for blogging as a plain old computer!

— Cheryl :-)

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