The Week’s Tweets: How to dodge subconscious blocks, inspire creativity, and WTS (write the story!)

1. Ease your subconscious into WTS, #1: Step back and rewrite the last page you wrote the day before.

2. Ease your subconscious into WTS, #2: Visualize the scene. List smells, tastes, textures, sights, and sounds to prime description.

3. Ease your subconscious into WTS, #3: Outline your character’s motivation, thoughts, feelings, and responses in a scene.

4. Ease your subconscious into WTS, #4: Making a collage taps a different part of your creativity than writing, providing inspiration.

5. Ease your subconscious into WTS, #5: No time for paper and glue? Make a virtual collage using online images and software s.a. Picasa.

If you’re interested, come join me at @CherylRWrites for near-daily Tweets to help you thrive on the writer’s road.

:) Cheryl

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