The Week’s Tweets on how to dodge subconscious blocks and WRITE THE STORY


WTS=Write the Story!

WTS #44: Learn to recognize procrastination! When you feel called away from the page, ask yourself why; you may need to keep on writing.

WTS45 What project do you procrastinate? Does it need a rest? The best writing comes from the heart. Find your heart=beat procrastination!

Speaking of procrastination, here’s my current distraction… "Getting organized" can waste more time than it saves!

RT ElizabethSCraig: Is your writing flat and wooden? How to enliven it:

WTS 46: Sometimes if the words don’t come quickly, you’re trying to write the wrong thing. Step back. Approach the scene from a new angle.

RT CynLeitichSmith: "Is it clear what characters want? don’t want? what’s in the way?" — great revision q’s via #yalit author Brian Yansky

WTS 47: Feeling stuck? Check out GETTING UNSTUCK WITHOUT COMING UNGLUED…by Susan O’Doherty (review:

WTS 48: What would you write about if no one else could see? (inspired by GETTING UNSTUCK)

WTS 49: What voices from your past or present deflate your dreams? (inspired by GETTING UNSTUCK)

WTS 50: What story from your family or childhood can you never tell? (inspired by GETTING UNSTUCK)

Surround yourself with the positive to reach your goals:

Write The Story 51: A story is like an iceberg; 85% of the work is invisible. Trust the process; story groundwork isn’t always visible.

If you’re interested, come join me at @CherylRWrites for Tweets to help you overcome creative blocks and thrive on the writer’s road!

:) Cheryl

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  1. Annarkie says

    LOVE this! Procrastination is a big issue with me.

  2. Cheryl Reif says

    Thanks Annarkie :)