On the road again…

I’ve taking writing on the road again, as the kids and I take advantge of my flexible work schedule to do a bit of traveling.

The question is: will I actually get any writing done? Or maybe I should ask: Should I actually get any writing done? Because the truth is that I’ve managed to slide into that unfortunate state of overwhelm, where I’m working on so many projects in so many directions that I feel like a crashed computer.

I had grand visions of querying a couple magazines with article ideas related to this trip (destination: Lake Powell) but it didn’t even come close to happening. And I’m glad. I’m looking forward to a bit of time when my only writing is deadline-free.

Time to recharge and fill up with writing inspiration! I hope to report back soon, but may be off the grid. Go figure :)


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A brief hiatus…

…as I head into the mountains for some camping, reading, relaxing, and so on. Yes, it will be tough, dear readers, but I will shoulder this burden and return to you in a few days.

:) seriously, I’m hoping to clear my head and make some progress on this danged* rewrite. In the past three days, I’ve decided that my story is about five or more different things, all of which seemed perfect at the time and horrific a few hours later.

Now, my head is spinning so much I’m not sure the story is about anything! Wish me luck as I seek clarity and inspiration!

:) Cheryl

*Autocorrect wants to change “danged rewrite” to “fanged rewrite”. Oddly appropriate, don’t you think?!

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