Tool for Writing Longhand

If you love to write longhand (like me), you know that it can be a bit hard on the wrists. This pen saves my life: the Pen Again.

It’s an ergonomic pen that relies on the weight of your hand to keep the pen in position, rather than your grip. This pen takes a bit of practice, and thus far only comes in a rather drab black ink, but it eliminates writers’ cramp.

**Ooh, according to their web site they have a new “twist-and-write” pencil version for smaller hands. I’ll have to try one out!

Anyone else have a fave writing gadget to share?

:-) Cheryl

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  1. mirrorsandmagicfrogs says

    Call me crazy, but when I get stuck typing and decide to switch to longhand for awhile, I switch to a nib pen and a jar of ink. I don't know what that seems to help, but it does. :)

  2. Cheryl Reif says

    Cool! I've never used a pen that required a jar of ink, but it sounds wonderfully medieval. Perfect for writers of fantasy. Sometimes I think longhand helps because it's almost meditative, and sometimes just because it slows me down….


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