Thursday’s Thing to Love about Being a Writer…

…Traveling amazing places! Learning new stuff! Interviewing cool people!

Early early early tomorrow morning, I leave for Texas to spend a long weekend with a writer friend, exploring the Columbia Bottomlands, meeting with some wildlife biologists, sea kayaking, bird watching…

roseate spoonbills

I wish I could say I was cool enough to have set all this up, but I’m just riding along on her coat tails as she collects material for a freelance writing assignment. But don’t worry, I will be collecting material right alongside her.

Yeah. I love being a writer. Happy writing today!

:-) Cheryl

What do you love about your writing life this week?

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  1. Loree Huebner says

    I love that I'm getting through some difficult revisions. Earlier in the week, I wouldn't have "loved" my writing life, but yeah, now I'm loving it. Have fun in Texas!

  2. Cheryl Reif says

    Yay you for getting through the tough spots! Yeah, when the writing lags I lose touch with the love :). I'm glad your writing is looking up!