Extreme Writers!

I’ve noticed that I, and many other writers I know, develop the skill (because it is a skill) of writing anywhere and everywhere, while cooking dinner, walking the dogs, hiking, sailing, camping…you name it. In honor of the Versatile Writer, I wanted to start featuring all you Extreme Writers.
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You know who you are—you write rain or shine, during soccer practice and in line at the grocery store, and neither flood nor famine nor dark of night can stop you (because you have a handy-dandy electronic device to capture midnight ideas).



page after pageSo. Send me your pics, of you writing in extreme conditions, whether that be on a bicycle or surrounded by young’uns or lounging on the beach with an umbrella drink where all but the hardiest would fail to write. I’ll post a winner every Friday. For this week’s prize, I offer one of my favorite inspirational writing books, Page After Page: Discover the confidence and passion you need to start writing & keep writing (no matter what!), by Heather Sellers.*

Send submissions to cheryl (at) cherylreifsnyder.com. I can’t wait to see where you all are writing this summer!

:) Cheryl

*If you already have/don’t need Page After Page, other giveaways include Donald Maas’s Writing the Breakout Novel and The Fire in Fiction; and Sol Stein’s On Writing.

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  1. Charissa Weaks says

    Oh-ho…I am about to leave for vacation tomorrow. You are gonna get some fun pics from me this week 😉

  2. Emily Rittel-King says

    I'll ask my husband take a picture of me making notes in my notebook while I'm driving. So dangerous, but so necessary. What if I forget my thought before I stop? LOL!

  3. Cheryl Reif says

    Yay! Can't wait to see them :) Charissa, have fun on your vacation!

    Emily, maybe your husband can steer while you make notes. I don't want to precipitate any accidents…

  4. Sarah Pearson says

    I'm not sending you a picture of me when I write in the bath, trying to keep the pages dry… :)

  5. Cheryl Reif says

    Hi Sarah–That's probably good. I thought the same thing–the bathtub is definitely a challenging place to write, but hard to photograph :). It does awaken my muse, though. I think I have a contrary muse: it likes to surprise me with ideas when I'm not in a good position to record them. Thank heavens for waterproof ink!

  6. Anne Wayman says

    No pix, but I have written on sailing boats while in the Pacific… South Pacific and on some S. Seas Islands.

    Not sure if that's extreme or just wonderful which it was.