Resources: Writing Prompts

Looking for some writing prompts to get you moving today? Check out one of these fantabulous resources:

Scott Bridges

Do you use writing prompts? Why or why not?

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You’ve probably read the same tips I have: Have a smart phone? Check Facebook while standing in line at the post office! Respond to Twitter messages while waiting for your dentist! Catch up on your news feed while sitting on the pot! For years, I thought the path to increased productivity was to squeeze in MORE–more […]


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    Lately I’ve been digging into Monica Woods’ The Pocket Muse, a handy little book of prompts. But when I’m done going through it, I’ll definitely check out some of these sites. Prompts are good idea-generators for me. Thanks for the links!

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    These are all excellent resources for writing prompts. Some of these I haven’t heard of before.

    Others I like to use when I get stuck are _The Book of Questions_ series by Gregory Stock and the _If_ series by Evelyn McFarlane. Questions always seem to get me thinking.

    And if I may indulge in a little shameless self promotion (since it is relevant here)… I also post two dozen new writing prompts each week on my blog: Grist for the Muse at

    Thanks for the great article.