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Cheryl lives and writes with her inspirational family, two energetic dogs, and a small mammal menagerie, all of which are fairly tame. She writes about cool science stuff for children and adults, daydreams about stories and characters 87% of the time, and tries not to plot novels while driving. You can also find Cheryl on Twitter @CherylRWrites, Pinterest., and Google. Come say hi!


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Tuesday Ten: Ways Writers Procrastin…Recharge

Is it Tuesday already? That seems to be my reaction to every day lately. Well, not “Is it Tuesday already?” but “Is it [fill-in-whatever-day-it-is] already?” Unless I forget which day it is, but that’s another post…

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Science fair projects, finals week, Christmas shopping, choir and orchestra concerts, parties—have you noticed how December is the month when everyone tries to cram in twice as many activities and to-do’s as usual? Lest you feel too productive this month, let me share with you a few of my favorite ways to procrastinate recharge when the weather outside is frightful and the days are short and you feel like you’re trying to live two lives simultaneously!


  1. boulder2Read! You know those books and magazines piled in your to-read list? What better way to inspire and recharge when you don’t have time for “real” writing?
  2. Journal: Some of us think of writing as an addition as much as a profession. Find a few minutes to spend with pen and paper, and keep yourself a little bit saner this holiday season.
  3. Go outside: Take a (snowy) walk—or better yet, go sledding!
  4. Create a writing gift: Turn your creative energy toward creating a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend or loved one (check here or here for ideas).
  5. Watch the latest episode of: White Collar, Castle, Warehouse 13, or other series of your choice…to study plot, of course.
  6. Sip a cup of: tea, coffee, or mulled wine: Okay, I have no justification for this one. I just like warm beverages….
  7. Doodle, collage, or try out another right brain-friendly past time: It’s good for creative inspiration, too, in case you hadn’t heard!
  8. Clear off your desk: You can’t anything done with that mess in front of you, right?
  9. Clear our your entire writing space: There’s evidence that visual clutter increases stress, and stress decreases creativity. (Check out Stepcase Lifehack and Zen Habits for clutter-busting ideas.)
  10. Browse Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your fave book review blogs: Time to create your reading wish-list. Better yet, pick out the perfect book for every boy, girl, woman, man, and barnyard animal on this year’s gift list. Hey, better to be known as the crazy aunt/uncle who always gives out books than the one who always gives socks and sweaters, right?
  11. Treat yourself to a library trip (from Jill Kemerer): Check out a stack of photography books, bird books, magazines, CDs, documentaries—all free of charge!
  12. Daydream (from Mohamed Mughal): Think about getting back to writing…and think…and think!

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Happy December!

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