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This week I’m blogging about Finding Time for Writing: the Power of Small Assignments over at the Wild Writers—because heaven knows there’s not time for much else this week! Small assignments are the ONLY way I’m keeping my head in the writing game, so I don’t completely lose momentum by the New Year.

Here’s a teaser:

As I write this, I’m sitting in my living room before an undecorated Christmas tree, with my kiddo whistling Christmas carols as he puts together the Lego train that will circle the tree—and I’m coughing counterpoint to the music, sick with a nasty case of bronchitis that’s knocked me out for the past few days. The house is a mess, the presents aren’t wrapped, and there definitelyisn’t time to write.


Not exactly. That used to be my view of situations such as these…but since a dose of writing time is my best antidote for stress and overwhelm, I’ve got a few  tricks up my sleeves for sneaking in a bit of writing even when my world gets topsy-turvey.  Inspired by Heather Sellers’ Page After Page, here are some “small assignments”—writing tasks that take me anywhere from 5-55 minutes—that help me get my daily writing dose even during the craziest times of year. Hope they help you, too!

Click on over for 26 ideas on how to insert a little bit of writing pick-me-up time into even the craziest schedule.

:) Cheryl

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  1. says

    Isn’t it just so difficult to strike a balance between what you want to do and what you have to do? Especially this week…one of the busiest of the year! I’ll hop on over and give your post a read!

    • Cheryl Reif says

      YES! This is the ongoing struggle of my life :). The nice thing is that most of the things I *have* to do are in support of things I love, which makes them worth it.

  2. says

    Finding a little time to write is important for my sanity! I’ll definitely check out your tips.

    • Cheryl Reif says

      Good to know I’m not alone :) I’m enjoying your revision tips, too!