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Cheryl lives and writes with her inspirational family, two energetic dogs, and a small mammal menagerie, all of which are fairly tame. She writes about cool science stuff for children and adults, daydreams about stories and characters 87% of the time, and tries not to plot novels while driving. You can also find Cheryl on Twitter @CherylRWrites, Pinterest., and Google. Come say hi!


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Blog of the Week: Julie Musil, Blogging Between Carpools

julie musil Julie Musil’s writing blog is a lovely mix of writing craft, personal examples, and creative ideas, all with Julie’s lovely personality shining through. I smile every time I visit her site—and usually learn something as well. But be warned: reading it may give you a craving to purchase writing books by the wonderful James Scott Bell, from which she draws frequent examples.

If you haven’t discovered Julie’s blog, what are you waiting for? Go! Here’s a sample from last week:

4 Ways to Recycle Dusty Manuscripts

You’d think I would suggest using dusty old manuscripts as doorstops or paperweights, but no. There just may be a happier resting place for an unpublished piece of work. Here are four suggestions:

  1. Unpublished picture books–Consider cleaning them up and sending them to markets like Stories for Children,Knowonder!, or My Light Magazine. These e-zines are free, and you’d get paid little or nothing, but kids could enjoy your stories!
  2. Unpublished nonfiction–If it’s short nonfiction for kids, like a nonfiction picture book, consider updating the data and sending it to Imagination Cafe or the educational market, Viatouch. Again, you wouldn’t get paid, but this is such a great way to practice writing and earn publishing credits. And you’d be helping kids in the process. If you write for adults, FundsforWriters is a great place to search for markets. [Click here to continue reading...]

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