Finding What’s Right In the (Writing) World

Earlier this month I shared my goals for the upcoming year—and the fact that they have more to do with attitude and outlook than the normal items on my to-do lists. And top of that list: increasing my positivity.

positivityWhy increase positivity?

Because I think it’s the key to changing everything else.

In her book Positivity, Barbara Fredrickson presents research suggesting that when we are more positive, we are also:

  • More open and receptive
  • More creative
  • More perceptive
  • Better able to learn
  • Better able to fight disease and injury

…and as a result, positivity leads to greater success in all areas of life.

Of course, that’s my brief summary of her book, in which Fredrickson discusses dozens of research studies. She explains that a higher “positivity score” predicted greater success for business teams (in terms of profitability, customer satisfaction, and supervisor/coworker evaluations). It predicted marital success.

In study after study, positivity predicted whether those involved would flourish—perform at their optimal potential—or languish.


Although the concept is simple—increased positivity is good in numerous ways—it’s worth reading the book in order to understand how this was determined and how it works. You can also learn more and calculate your own positivity ratio on Fredrickson’s Positivity website.

Or be inspired: visit the website of National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones to watch his amazing video about finding what’s RIGHT with the world, rather than just seeking to fix what’s wrong.*

Or be encouraged: sign up to receive Jones’ weekly photos, reminders of this world’s beauty and wonder.

Finding what’s right in the world of writing

A while ago, I used to post regularly on Things to Love About Being a Writer. In keeping with my goal of increased positivity in 2012, I’m going back to that practice: every Monday, I’ll be writing about aspects of this writing life that are wonderful in some way. I hope you’ll join me in a weekly celebration of being a writer!

What about you? Are you game for increasing your positivity in 2012?

*You have to register to view the video, but doing so doesn’t seem to result in piles of undesired emails.

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    I like finding what’s right in the world! I’ll have to check out the video. Thanks for spreading your positive :)

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    Hi Kerri! I’m amazed how much a shift in perspective changes everything–which sounds so trivial for such an earth-moving concept.

    Speaking of what’s right in the world, your choose-your-own-adventures are right up there! I’m off to check out the new topi!


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