Reasons to Love Writing…

Reason #1: Writing is awesome!!!

Reason #2 (this week’s SPECIFIC reason): Last week, I was in Florida for research on two separate projects. Yes, this counts as work.

I spent one day at the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce talking with scientists, looking at photographs, and touring one of their research sites.

Marsh OrgansLizard Dude on Mangrove

I spent two hours the next day sitting VEEERY still among the mangroves in order to observe crab behavior…

Aratus pisoni

…and I spent another three hours at the fantastic Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce Ecosystem Exhibit observing captive fiddler crabs and talking to their wonderful staff.

If you love to learn new things, if you love to meet amazingly cool people and learn amazingly cool things, writing lets you dip your toes into a thousand different fields. I feel incredibly fortunate to be in a position to talk to scientists who know the ins and outs of various topics and ecosystems, and then to translate what I learn for young audiences. Of course, I’m talking about nonfiction writing, but the same goes for fiction. Where does your story take place? What sort of characters does it involve? Your role as a writer gives you the opportunity to slip into someone else’s shoes for a bit.

It’s an incredible amount of fun…and rewarding as anything I’ve ever done in my life.

What about you? What makes you delighted with YOUR writing life these days?

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    I’m having a bit of trouble with the delight thing at the moment. Doesn’t mean I can’t take pleasure in yours though :-)

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      Hi Sarah, sorry to hear that :(. I’m sending you cyber-chocolate!!

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    What a crab! It looks like a frog.

    Doing research-related writing is the best. I want to write a book that’s set in Paris so I can spend WEEKS if not MONTHS researching the place. If only my pocketbook agreed.

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      Ooh, Paris sounds lovely. You should check out Cynthia Morris–she leads writing retreats there on occasion!

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    Great pictures!

    I love traveling, and I love writing, so I love this post!

    That is one crazy looking crab.

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      Hi Lori, sounds like we’ve found kindred spirits in each other. Traveling wears me out, but it’s SO rewarding. I’m still creatively energized from my trip to Florida–I can’t wait to get feedback on my book proposal so I can get working on the book itself!

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    Love those pictures 😀

    My delight? I can see my story getting better as I edit. That’s definite delight there.

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      Yay! That’s such a great feeling, isn’t it? Definitely something to celebrate 😀

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    Love the pictures! And the idea that there are things in our writing lives that bring us delight. Enjoyed hearing about yours. For me, I’m enjoying the process of learning about the new characters that are taking over my life, and the historical time era I’m exploring…

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      Okay, the coolest thing about everyone sharing their “delights” is that I get a little rush of happiness for each one I read. Thank you for sharing yours, too!

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    Those are awesome pictures! I love the researching part of writing. I’m a pantser and I had two great moments last week with my writing. It’s fantastic when my stories surprise me and come together so nicely.

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      Another great example of writing delight! I tend to plot everything ahead of time, but I still get surprises from story and characters. They don’t always do what I tell them to :P. I’m in the midst of rewriting, and even though I’ve been over this story a thousand times, I keep having little insights and surprises. You’re right, they’re one of the highlights of my day!

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    I can think of lots of reasons to love writing, but mangrove crabs was never one of them. Having a friend who loves writing because of mangrove crabs is one of the reasons I love writing, though! Great pictures!

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      Wait, you’re saying mangrove tree crabs aren’t the top reason *everyone* writes? Ack! All this time I’ve been confused!


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    What a cool trip! I absolutely LOVE writing nonfiction for this very reason. For one nonfiction piece I wrote, I has the honor of speaking to a guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns. What a neat experience. Even with fiction, I love to research different character details and settings. Research is so fun, and I can get quite distracted 😀

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      Julie, I didn’t realize you wrote nonfiction, too! Talking to a guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns sounds AMAZING, plus I think all the nonfiction research we do has an impact on our fiction as well.

      As for distraction…yeah, that definitely is a risk :)

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    Beautiful (and interesting) pictures!

    I love writing for the discovery of it. I also love doing research. Even though I write fiction (and mostly fantasy) I still do a LOT of research before diving into a novel, specifically about time period, place, and the myths surrounding the area/topic. I’m always watching some documentary, and my roommates never know what to expect when they get home :)

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    Nice to meet you, Tiffany! I do a ton of research for my fiction, too–especially the fantasy. It’s funny, because you’d think you could just make everything up, but I think the best fantasy draws extensively on history, myth, and legend. Documentaries are a terrific way to get story inspiration…hmm, I think I’m going to have to write about that!