Friday Series: What’s Next?

As I wrap up my Friday series of interviews with writing and creativity coaches and those who work with them, I’m tossing around ideas for my next Friday series.

I was hoping all you wonderful readers would offer some input.

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Have other suggestions? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. says

    There seems to already be a lot of interviews with literary agents, but info on publishers who accept unagented works is harder to find–that may be a deliberate thing on their part, but I’m sure we’d all appreciate some tips.

    • says

      That’s been my experience, too, and it seems like there are a great many small publishers that don’t get much attention. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Maria says

    Unsure if you have covered this before as I’m fairly new.
    What about, how to tackle a second novel draft? Otherwise known to as ‘wading through treacle’ to me! Getting other perspectives on the task might be helpful.

    • says

      Hi Maria, yeah, that’s a tough one, isn’t it? And it’s been on my mind quite a bit lately! I’ll definitely spend some time on that topic in the next few weeks. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. says

    I voted for the publisher profiles too – but Maria’s suggestion is an excellent one too.