Writing Tools: Cool Finds

Check out my favorite writing tools for the week—websites to inspire, encourage, and help you on your writing journey. Enjoy!

One Page Per Day presents the writer with a single blank page—freeing you from the “tyranny of the infinite page.” Log on daily to log your page and keep up momentum on your work-in-progress.

writing tools - One Page per Day

Check out the 911 Writers Block tool for emergency response to your writing problems! This site offers a plethora of images, quotes, and inspirational words:

writing tools - 911 Writers Block

Ever wonder if you overuse a particular word or phrase? The Word Frequency Counter on WriteWords will let you know:

writing tools - word frequency counter

Looking for the perfect rhyme? Try the Write Rhymes website:

writing tools - Write Rhymes

What about you? Do you have any favorite online writing tools to share?

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    Autocrit is a software that analyzes your work for overused/unnecessary words, cliches, and so on. Won’t take the place of a crit group imo, but makes those passes for your tell words like “that” and “just” a lot easier. You can use the wizard on the site for free with some limitations

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      Oh, sounds very cool! I will check it out. I’ll have to include it in the next roundup. Thanks for the info!

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    Oh, these are wonderful! I’m really excited to try out the Write Rhymes the next time I’m penning one of my 90s pop song parodies.

    Have you seen Write or Die and Written? Kitten! Goofy, but fun! And I like the way one offers negative reinforcement, while the other offers adorable, I mean positive, reinforcement.

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      Hi Lori–That’s funny, I just made a note to include Written? Kitten! in my next roundup! I forgot to include it here. I’ve used Write or Die, too, and love it :). Thanks for the reminder–I am collecting these onto the resource page, so I’ll add these two as well.

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      Hi Sarah! I had a lot of fun playing with the “911 Writers Block” site, but that might prove more a distraction for me than an actual tool. The word frequency counter seems like it could actually be useful.

      Hmm, I wonder if it will take a 50,000 word book?