Finding Joy: What’s Your Perfect Writing Day?

Does writing make you happy?

It does for me, and perhaps even more so than usual this time of year. I think it’s because this is when I get to take writing outside.


There’s an incredible sensory pleasure in sitting outdoors to write. I have a Sky Chair hanging from one of the fruit trees in our back yard, where there’s just enough dappled shade to see an iPad and just enough sun breaking through the new green leaves to shine warm on my skin. A cool breeze spins the chair slowly. As I write, the scritch of my pen on the page is accompanied by birdsong and the laughter of kids playing at the park down the street.

The sun’s warmth lures me into that waking-dream state so perfect for writing, and although it doesn’t seem that I’d be most productive reclined and sleepy and soaking in the moment, when I get up from my writing seat, I always seem to have pages filled with ideas and scribblings.

This is when I think my life is the most wonderful thing ever.

Don’t get me wrong. My life isn’t actually perfect—but isn’t that all the more reason to seize those moments of bliss when they do appear? Take a moment today to notice what inspires and uplifts you!

What about you? Does a productive hour of writing make you happy? Do you have a place that inspires your creativity and unleashes your written words? Please share in the comments—I love to hear from you!

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  1. says

    Thanks for the insight, grab writing time when you can and enjoy every moment of it.

    • says

      Hi Terri–that’s what it’s all about, right? Noticing what we’ve got and appreciating it! Speaking of which, I think I should go enjoy some writing time now…but not outside. Since yesterday, the temp here has dropped to 45 and rainy. That’s probably just as well, since we had an exceptionally dry March, but I’m gazing wistfully at that sky chair….

  2. says

    Cheryl, I’m with you! I love to enjoy time outdoors in a beautiful environment and get lost in writing. So dreamy! Your post reminds me I need to do that more often. Thank you for the inspiration. (Now, if only I had a sky chair …)

    • says

      I love my sky chair even more than my hammock. (It’s much harder to be productive in a hammock, IMHO.) We’re on our second sky chair…but since the first one lasted about 20 years, I can’t complain!

  3. says

    I’m the exact opposite! :) I can’t embrace writing during the summer or on a gorgeous, sunny day. But give me rain or snow? You can find me on those dreary days upstairs in my office, lost in my story.

    To be honest, I’m trying to break the habit and convince my inner procrastinator that it’s okay to write when the sun’s shining. I should try taking my notebook outside and start there!

  4. Jaine says

    My perfect day is when everyone do a nap. And I’m still awake writing great thoughts.

  5. Mona says

    As usual, I love your post. Just got back from FL (live in Maine) where I wrote outdoors on St Augustine beach, now we’re trying to stoke the wood fire! No writing outdoors for me tonight! Summer’s coming though…

    • says

      Hi Mona, thank you! FL sounds wonderful–I did some writing on the beach earlier this year (observing fiddler crabs) and it was wonderful. Maine must be quite a switch, though! Hope you got that wood fire going.

      As a kid, I used to vacation with my family to Maine every summer–we’d spend a week camping in Acadia National Park. I loved writing there :)