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How to Find Strange Inspirations

With links to sites such as a book on strange phenomena, the Fortean Times, and the Museum of Hoaxes, this site is a must-visit for all who write about the weird, mysterious, and supernatural.



Adventure Cow

Have you ever read/played through one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books so popular among elementary and middle school kids? I’ve always thought the format would be a perfect fit for a website or mobile app, and this website promises to let you create your own stories as well as play through others’. I’ve signed up for a beta invite and will report more once I get to try out this site, but at first glance it looks like SO MUCH FUN!


Finish Your Novel

Author Timothy Hallinan writes:

I’d estimate that 98% of all the novels people begin are never completed.  Every person who abandons a book feels that he or she has a good reason, but my experience suggests that most of those books could have been finished – the writer just came up against something he or she couldn’t handle.

On this website, he provides advice to help writers of all stripes tackle just about every obstacle imaginable—along with his own inspirational tale of losing ALL his manuscripts in a house fire, rewriting one of his books in seven weeks, and going on to land an agent and a three book deal.


Enjoy! And definitely let me know if you have any other great sites you’d like me to add to the collection for next week!

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    Must check out Finish Your Novel. Sounds like just what I need! Thanks for the tips/links :-)

    • says

      Hi Kenda, glad you enjoyed them! I’m definitely spending more time on that site as well.

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    These look great! I especially like Adventure Cow because YES I have often thought of doing something like this myself! I hope it works on computer, not just iPhone etc, because I only ave a computer! :)

    • says

      I’d be very interested in hearing about your experience if you give it a try. I checked out another system a year ago and it looked very good, but really complicated to use. I asked for an invite to this site, but haven’t heard from them yet.

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    Thanks for the recommendations. Always cool to find new inspiration.

  4. Kathrryn says

    Hi Cheryl. Thanks for reminding us about your novel.. We should check them out..