Summer Writing

If you’ll permit me a moment of George Gershwin: It’s summertime…and the schedule is craaaazy.

What with kids’ vacations, travel, gardening, and cookouts, it’s about time for me to adjust my blogging schedule! I’ll be here Mondays with a bit of inspiration, Wednesdays with some writing craft tidbits, and intermittent Fridays with more interviews from writers working with small publishers. If you missed last week’s interview with Nancy I. Sanders (Chicago Review Press), go check it out!

Meanwhile, I plan to spend my mornings writing on my back patio, entertained by birds at the feeder and the squirrels who *wish* they were at the feeder. Don’t worry about the squirrels, though–I give them peanuts on occasion, and they seem to be very happy chomping on those.

jans canon Image courtesy of jans canon on Flickr Creative Commons

How will you be enjoying summer? How will you fit writing into the mix?

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      Oh yeah, here too! (As evidenced by my greatly decreased time online….) But I’m enjoying the great weather and family time!