Thursday’s Thing to Love About Being a Writer: the Power of Words

Today’s thing to love is the magic of words combined. Stitched together, words can create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts—poetry, prose, art in written form.
For your writerly enjoyment, here’s Taylor’ Mali’s poetic satire of the use of speech devices such as “like,” “okay,” and “ya know”:

Like, ya know?

Smile Cheryl


I’m writing this blog post in the shade of a Ponderosa Pine, on the Upper Bluestem trail in the City of Boulder’s Mountain Parks. I can hear half a dozen different kinds of birds whistling, twittering, warbling, screeching, and cawing–all to the musical background of one very happy poodle’s panting. Insects buzz and the air […]


  1. says

    Aww…I can’t watch it on this computer, since it doesn’t have any sound. Maybe later?

    • says

      You can get the gist without sound–it’s kind of cool the way the words scroll/appear on the screen–but the sound definitely contributes to the full affect!

  2. Howard Dwayne says

    Ya know what, I dig that video. LOL :-) That is the most creative, poetic and coolest thing I have come across so far.

  3. says

    Which can create some thing with the words,he is great for us. Because we can learn some thing from him.

  4. says

    Oh, that’s pretty darn close to perfect! I’ll have to post that one soon myself. :-)

  5. says

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