The Writer’s Idea Notebook

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I’m blogging over at The Wild Writers website this week. Here’s a sample:

Are your notebooks grease-spattered?

Dirty, dog-eared, crumple-paged, coffee-ringed, or soda-stained? Do they have sand stuck between the pages from a trip to the beach, or maybe a grass stain or two? Perhaps you’ve even collected the footprint of a wayward beast.

If none of the above resonates with you, maybe you should ask yourself if you’re doing it wrong.

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  1. jamela says

    dan and i have the same exact problem!!!!:0) we have a stationary/office supply fetish lol

    • says

      At least it’s a relatively inexpensive habit to indulge, right? Unless you decide to pick up one of those ultra-fancy fountain pens :)