Friday Fun Poll: How Do You Celebrate Success?

 What’s Your Vision for Success?


Yesterday, I sent you on a guided visualization about success and how you envision it for YOUR creative life. I’d bet the poodle that every single person who went through the exercise came up with a different vision.

“Success” means different things to different people. Heck, it means different things to the same person at different times! 

Unfortunately, we humans have a tendency to reach one goal and immediately latch onto the next, without taking time to celebrate along the way. It’s all too easy to live in a constant state of if only…

I’d be happy…IF ONLY

  • I sold a short story
  • I found an agent
  • I got that book deal
  • I got a good review
  • I hit the bestseller list
  • I ______________

I have to make a conscious effort to celebrate success in my writing life, or those successes slide by unnoticed. 

How do you celebrate when you have a creative success or reach a goal? Check out the poll below to cast your vote and see where your fellow writers land!

[poll id=”9″]

If I didn’t include your favorite celebration in the answers, please share in the comments–I love to hear from you!


I’m writing this blog post in the shade of a Ponderosa Pine, on the Upper Bluestem trail in the City of Boulder’s Mountain Parks. I can hear half a dozen different kinds of birds whistling, twittering, warbling, screeching, and cawing–all to the musical background of one very happy poodle’s panting. Insects buzz and the air […]


  1. Debby Hanoka says

    Celebrate success? With CHOCOLATE! Always with chocolate! The more the better!

    And, of course, with cuddles from my editorial cat-sistant and dialogue coach. Her track record is purr-fect!

    Debby Hanoka
    (aka Cat Staff)

  2. says

    MMM, chocolate!!

    I used to keep chocolate in my desk for exactly that purpose, except that then I started eating it whether I had anything to celebrate or not :). Inspiration chocolate, I guess it became!!

    Thanks for stopping by, and may you have many reasons to indulge in chocolate this coming week :) :) :)


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