Writers and TRANSMEDIA: New Blog Series

Holy cow, is it actually May already? How did this happen? I’ve been working on an exciting new blog series for you, all about transmedia. I planned to launch it last Monday–actually, I planned to have a single post about transmedia for you last Monday–but I couldn’t seem to wrestle the topic into shape.


It turns out that I have a LOT more to say about this topic (transmedia and how writers can use it) than will fit into a single blog post!

So tune in next Monday for the first in a series of blog posts about transmedia and transmedia storytelling. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • What transmedia storytelling is and isn’t
  • How transmedia storytelling can connect you to more readers
  • How transmedia storytelling can provide fans with a richer and deeper experience
  • Transmedia “elements” you can use to take your storytelling to the next level

Hope to see you there!

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