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Cheryl Head Shot

Cheryl Reif

Cheryl lives and writes with her inspirational family, two energetic dogs, and a small mammal menagerie, all of which are fairly tame. She writes about cool science stuff for children and adults, daydreams about stories and characters 87% of the time, and tries not to plot novels while driving. You can also find Cheryl on Twitter @CherylRWrites, Pinterest., and Google. Come say hi!

Fun Publishing News


My friend and fellow writer, the fabulous Anna-Maria Crum, announced the release of her new interactive picture book Monster Numbers. It is SOOOO cute! This is an app for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The program will read the story and count the monster parts—or you can record your own narration for a personal …

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Five Ways to Find the Right Publisher for Your Book


The (Almost) Shortest-Ever Blog Series

In today’s news…I’m announcing the conclusion of the shortest-ever blog “series”—if you can even call it a series when it includes only five posts.

I like the idea of featuring different publishers who accept unagented submissions, but the more time I’ve spent on it, the more convinced …

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Ten Reasons You Should Attend a Writing Conference


Just in case you’re still wondering whether a writer’s conference is worth your time and money, here are some of the benefits you’ll gain from your conference experience.

Image courtesy of mrsdkrebs on Flickr Creative Commons

Inspiration. Building a writing career might be easy to begin, but some days it’s a bear to …

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How a Virtual Book Tour Can Help You Publicize Your Book


Guest Post by Ali Luke

If you’ve written a book, or if you’re part-way through writing one, you might be thinking about publication and agonizing over the choice between traditional and indie publishing.

Whichever route you go for, you’ll need to do a lot of work in marketing and publicizing your book. (Yes, a traditional …

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Belle Books / Bell Bridge Books


I had the pleasure of meeting BelleBooks CEO and acquiring editor Debra Dixon at the 2012 Pikes Peak Writers Conference. BelleBooks, Inc., was founded in 1999 with a focus on Southern fiction. In 2008, they launched the Bell Bridge Books imprint, which publishes titles in a variety of genres, including mystery/suspense, fantasy, science fiction, …

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