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Cheryl Head Shot

Cheryl Reif

Cheryl lives and writes with her inspirational family, two energetic dogs, and a small mammal menagerie, all of which are fairly tame. She writes about cool science stuff for children and adults, daydreams about stories and characters 87% of the time, and tries not to plot novels while driving. You can also find Cheryl on Twitter @CherylRWrites, Pinterest., and Google. Come say hi!

Idea Logging Strategies

Idea Logging iPhone Tools

Last week, I wrote about the transformative power of keeping an idea log. Well, this week, I think it’s worth talking about point #4 on my “How to Keep an Idea Log” list: namely, KEEP IT CONVENIENT.

I know, it sounds obvious, but do you know how many writers I know who have ten untouched …

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Conquer Doubts: Embrace Your Vision

Embrace the Vision - no matter how large

The Perils of Planning Dependence

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I like to plan out where I’m going and how to get there. I like to make sure I used the most efficient, effective strategies to reach …

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Games, Anyone?



Although I’ve been quiet online, I’ve been extremely busy in the real world. (Real world? Weird, right?)

And some of what I’ve been busy doing has been SO COOL! Most recently, I’ve embarked on a free online course (a MOOC, or massive online open course) through Coursera all about Gamification. It’s a topic that’s …

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Freelancing Rates: Do You Know What to Charge?


For those of us who slid sideways into the freelancing life, it’s not always obvious what to charge for our services. If you look at jobs posted on sites like Elance, you might get the idea that freelancers are paid $1 per 500-word article. You can probably figure out your lower limit for pay, but …

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Care and Feeding of the Discouraged Writer

This post was originally published in April, 2011, but it seems to be particularly relevant during the craziness of the holidays. Hope this encourages you as we hurtle toward the end of the year!

Jami Gold’s recent post Have You Ever Been Tempted to Give Up? is thought-provoking and true. In a weird way, it’s …

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