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Cheryl Reif

Cheryl lives and writes with her inspirational family, two energetic dogs, and a small mammal menagerie, all of which are fairly tame. She writes about cool science stuff for children and adults, daydreams about stories and characters 87% of the time, and tries not to plot novels while driving. You can also find Cheryl on Twitter @CherylRWrites, Pinterest., and Google. Come say hi!


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Children’s Writing


  • Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
    • 2006-Present Manuscript Critique Coordinator
  • Pikes Peak Professional Writers
  • American Medical Writers Association


  • Science World
  • Highlights for Children 
  • Spider Magazine 
  • Cricket Magazine 
  • Saplings Magazine
  • Guideposts for Kids Online
  • American Girl (pending publication)


Science World

  • “Cool Jobs: NASA Artist,” December 2011.
  • “Lightest Material,” February 2012.

Highlights for Children

  • “Munching Mowers,” July 2005.
  • “Decorate with a Twirler,” February 2006.
  • “Play Indoor Disc Golf!” June 2006.
  • “Quick-Thinking Meerkats!,” September 2006.
  • “Dragon Container,” November 2006
  • “Playing Card Sack,” January 2007
  • “Hanging Trinket Holder,” March 2007
  • “Do you Speak Prairie Dog?,” April 2007.
  • “Quilled Greeting Cards,” February 2008
  • “Fourth of July Streamers,” July 2008
  • “Walking Like a Dinosaur,” September 2008
  • “Build-a-Monster,” October 2008
  • “Heart Warmer,” February 2009
  • “Sticky-Bun Butter,” February 2010
  • “Squirrels that Smell Like Snakes,” June 2010
  • “The Song of the Mouse,” February 2011
  • “Shut the Box Travel Game,” July 2011
  • “Balancing Act,” pending publication.
  • Various craft articles, pending publication.
  • “Ellie Mannette’s Big, Noisy Dream,” pending publication.

Cricket Magazine

  • “Juggling Trust,” April 2007.

Spider Magazine

  • “Chugg and the Fairies,” October 2006.

Children’s Book Insider

  • “Turn Crafty Ideas into Sales,” June 2006.

Guideposts for Kids Online

  • “Swinging Monkey Pizza,” March 2006.

Saplings Magazine

  • “Roomful of Rats,” September 2004.

Kid Magazine Writers

  • “How to Ask Great Interview Questions,” October 2004.