Affiliate Marketing for Book Lovers: Friend or Foe?

I’m a book junkie. I admit it: I’m drawn to buy books of all types, shapes, and sizes, and have my excuses lined up for why I should buy each one.


I should buy…

  • …books at conferences, because I’m supporting the speakers, and because I can get signed copies.
  • …books for ongoing research, because the library makes me return them too quickly.
  • …books that are written beautifully, because I will return to them again and again.
  • …books that aren’t written beautifully but are nonetheless successful, because I will analyze what makes them work.
  • …zombie books, because I need to follow the latest trends in literature.
  • …new releases, because I need to keep abreast of current publications–and those are hard to check out of the library.
  • …nonfiction picture books, because I write nonfiction and need to study other authors’ techniques.
  • …bestsellers, because I need to figure out what makes them work.
  • …writing books, because they help me grow as a writer.
  • …self-help books, because they help me grow as a person.
  • …marketing books, because I should be doing more marketing.
  • …books on crochet, because they have the best crochet patterns and inspiration.
  • …other nonfiction books, because I’m interested in the topics and might write about them someday.

The arrival of the Kindle and Amazon’s "Click-to-Buy" program has been a problem for my bank account.

But the other day, I read something very, very interesting and extraordinarily tempting to a book junkie such as myself: Can you make money blogging without selling your soul?

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