10 Ways to Spark Creative Connections

I shared yesterday that my writing coach challenged me to use the intuitive side of my mind for my first approach to problem-solving during the month of March, and how doing so has been challenging, educational, and surprisingly beneficial.

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One unexpected benefit came by what I like to call the “red car” effect—the tendency to notice red cars (or anything else) the second you start thinking about them. By keeping the idea of intuition/right brain thinking top of my mind for the past month, I began to notice it more often. By noticing when my intuition was engaged, I was better able to take advantage of the insights it offered.

I also started to notice some of the approaches that helped me to engage the more intuitive side of my mind when writing, and thought I’d share them with you. Hope these are helpful!

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Affiliate Marketing for Book Lovers: Friend or Foe?

I’m a book junkie. I admit it: I’m drawn to buy books of all types, shapes, and sizes, and have my excuses lined up for why I should buy each one.


I should buy…

  • …books at conferences, because I’m supporting the speakers, and because I can get signed copies.
  • …books for ongoing research, because the library makes me return them too quickly.
  • …books that are written beautifully, because I will return to them again and again.
  • …books that aren’t written beautifully but are nonetheless successful, because I will analyze what makes them work.
  • …zombie books, because I need to follow the latest trends in literature.
  • …new releases, because I need to keep abreast of current publications–and those are hard to check out of the library.
  • …nonfiction picture books, because I write nonfiction and need to study other authors’ techniques.
  • …bestsellers, because I need to figure out what makes them work.
  • …writing books, because they help me grow as a writer.
  • …self-help books, because they help me grow as a person.
  • …marketing books, because I should be doing more marketing.
  • …books on crochet, because they have the best crochet patterns and inspiration.
  • …other nonfiction books, because I’m interested in the topics and might write about them someday.

The arrival of the Kindle and Amazon’s "Click-to-Buy" program has been a problem for my bank account.

But the other day, I read something very, very interesting and extraordinarily tempting to a book junkie such as myself: Can you make money blogging without selling your soul?

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