Blogging, Splogging, & Syndication—Oh, my!

Today, we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

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…to discuss blogging, splogging, syndication, and the question of copyrights online, all of which have been topics of discussion amongst my writer friends lately.

If you’re like me, this discussion might catch you unawares. You might be asking, What the heck is splogging? Or: What does syndication have to do with my blog? And (most important): Why is that cat flying at that dude’s head?

Let me explain.
  1. Syndication—according to my nontechnical understanding—means that your blog’s content gets put out there in a format that services such as Google Reader can access easily, so an individual can collect content from all the blogs they follow into a single location. That lets people read your blog, or an excerpt of your blog, without actually visiting your site.*But* there are other kinds of syndication as well. For instance, a few weeks back I had a guest post published on Amberr Meadows’ blog. Shortly thereafter, it appeared on another website, called Business 2 Community (B2C). It was republished there in its entirety with permission (from Amberr, I assume), because she syndicates her blog to this site. I don’t pretend to know the full details, but I believe that means relevant posts from her site are reposted on the B2C site, giving her more readers and potentially driving more traffic to her blog.
    • The blogger benefits in this arrangement, because it gives her posts more readers and potentially drives traffic to her site.
    • The B2C site benefits both because it gains additional content and because it sells advertising that appears alongside this content.
    • Since the B2C site has the blogger’s express permission to repost content, everyone’s happy with the arrangement.

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