Tuesday Ten: How to View Your Work With Fresh Eyes

I bet you’ve heard that age-old advice about how to get perspective on your manuscript. Put it in a drawer. For a year—or however long it takes you to forget what you wrote.


Photo: kcdsTM, Flickr Creative Commons

Great advice, right? Except that most of us don’t have a year, or a month, to sit on a manuscript before tackling a rewrite.

You’ve probably guessed by now that I tend to blog about my current writing challenges, and this is no exception. I last rewrote my manuscript in July, but even with several months to gain some distance from the story, I’m finding it difficult to edit/rewrite text when I practically have it memorized.

So how do you re-read your writing with fresh eyes, when your eyes aren’t anything like fresh (at least, not with respect to this particular manuscript!)? Keep reading for ideas!

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