Off to the SEJ Conference!

I won’t be around the blog-o-sphere quite so much this next week, because I’m heading to the Society for Environmental Journalists’ annual conference in Miami, FL! For the next week, I’ll be featuring a few back posts on writing craft that some of you may not have seen.

Meanwhile, time for my pitch for why children’s writers who write nonfiction should consider attending this conference:

  1.  The SEJ conference is the only conference I’ve ever attended that has field trips for writers. Seriously. This year, I will be visiting the NOAA Aquarius Reef Base, the world’s undersea research station. Not only that, but NASA will be field-testing techniques for working on an asteroid in the near-zero g environment provided underwater.  If you write nonfiction, the conference provides AMAZING opportunities to see and do and learn about things to inspire your writing.
  2. Although SEJ caters primarily to journalists, other nonfiction writers are welcome and can benefit from the sessions on writing craft, markets, as well as numerous sessions on topics of interest to people who like to write about science, nature, and the environment.
  3. The SEJ conference is a great place to connect with expert sources as well as a great place to connect with other writers.
  4. Unlike most children’s writing events, the SEJ conference is subsidized in part by outside interests ranging from organizations interested in advancing journalism to organizations interested in advancing themselves–which means that SEJ can offer conference and associated events at astonishingly low costs.
  5. Writing is a business, and at the SEJ conference you will learn numerous tips and tricks for taking your writing career to the next level on the business side as well as the writing-craft side.
I’ll let you know how it all goes!