Jocelyn Paige Kelly, Creativity Coach and Transitions Coach for Creative Professionals

I’ve recently started with working with a writing coach. And I’ve found it so beneficial, I wanted to share the love by introducing you, dear readers, to a broad spectrum of coaches with a broad range of expertise.

clip_image001For today’s guest, please offer a warm welcome to Jocelyn Paige Kelly

I discovered Jocelyn on Twitter, where she tweets inspiration for creatives of all types as @jpk_rycl (which, I believe stands for: Jocelyn Paige Kelly – Realizing Your Creative Life). She writes thought-provoking posts about the interplay of life and creativity.

How can a writer decide if working with a coach would benefit them?

The best way to decide is to dive in and take a test drive. Most coaches will give a free consultation and session so they can experience the process themselves and understand the benefits first hand. This also gives the curious seeker and the experienced coach an opportunity to see if there’s synergy there between them.

What sort of goals or skills do you work on with a client?

My background and skill set is in working with various modes of stress management (hypnosis, meditation, art therapy, storytelling and journaling). I believe in overall life balance with creativity being at the center of it.

When I work with clients, I follow their lead. It’s very important for me to respect and match their pace. Whether a client comes to me to work on finishing a specific project or comes with a variety of creative issues and challenges, I work with them in a co-creative atmosphere to help them achieve their goals or create a better understanding of their own creative process.

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