Cool Finds for Writing

image    Do you collect information online? Evernote is a great application for organizing images, websites, documents, notes, and just about every other kind of information you might want to be able to access from multiple locations. My only complaint is that it doesn’t create local copies of notes. If you want to access a previously recorded note or document, you need internet access.



If you need to access your notes offline, Simplenote is the way to go. It doesn’t offer all the fancy formatting of Evernote, but will sync with Dropbox and automatically creates local copies of files you create on a given device.


And finally, for OneNote users—did you know that you can sync your notebooks to Microsoft’s SkyDrive for away-from-home access? You have to set up a free Windows Live account.

image You also have to set your OneNote Notebook to sync with your online account. You can do this under the “Share” tab. Choose “share on web”  and fill in your Windows Live ID info.


You have to set this up for each notebook individually. Once a notebook is set up to sync with your online account, you’ll see a handy-dandy green “I’M SYNCING NOW!!!” icon to the right of the notebook name:

imageOkay, this week’s finds aren’t as much *fun* as Written, Kitten! but they’re darned useful for the writer on-the-go :-).