Ten Ways to “Write” When You Feel Like Dragon Dung

I have this great post all outlined for today…and have been fighting some blechy virus for the past three days which, apparently, makes me incapable of writing that particular post.

So instead, I figured I would write about what’s top of my mind today, when the weather is lovely, I have several kid-free hours in which to dive back into my WIP—and zero energy and creativity with which to do so.

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What the heck does a writer do when the body refuses to cooperate with the creative spirit?

  1. Take a creativity nap. Seriously. Ask yourself a story question, write it upon an index card, place it beneath ye olde pillow, and let your dreams work on the answer while your body works on recovery.
  2. Read your work-in-progress. Something about that not-quite-100% mindset can help you view your writing with fresh eyes.
  3. Read something fun. I know you have one—that pile of books waiting for you to find a spare moment so you can read them. Let some amazing tale transport you away from your not-so-amazing reality for a while.
  4. Read something boring but necessary. Hey, it might help you get some much-needed sleep!
  5. Watch a You-Tube video or documentary related to your work-in-progress. It’s work. Really. It just feels like you’re wasting time.
  6. Watch something completely unrelated to your work-in-progress. Did you know that many creative leaps are inspired by seemingly unrelated inputs? The live webcam of that squirrel nest box might be just the thing to spark your next story twist.
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  7. Surf the web. Collect ideas for stories, blog posts, or characters.
  8. Daydream. (See #5 for justfica—for explanation.)
  9. Clean your office. Sometimes I’m not sick enough to take the day off, but not well enough to be very creative, either. This is a perfect opportunity to clear the decks so I’m ready to write when my brain cooperates again.
  10. Journal, doodle, etc. Because you can.

25 Inspiration Sources for the Discouraged Writer

Ever feel discouraged about writing?

Andrew Stawarz

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We’ve all had them: days when the words don’t flow, characters remain flat, plot refuses to cooperate, and three rejections show up in your inbox. Maybe you’re rethinking this whole writing thing. Maybe you’re questioning your sanity. Or whether you actually have talent.

Or both.

Well, I’ve got good news for you: you aren’t alone. And I don’t know about you, but I find that it helps, somehow, to know that other writers have trudged through swamps of despair and lived to tell the tale. I can tell myself that this, too shall pass.

But what do you do when you’re in the midst of an uncooperative rewrite, a slew of rejections, or a complete desert of inspiration? What do you do when you’re the discouraged writer?

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Ten Obstacles to Creativity–and How to Overcome Them

Do you ever feel like this?


Photo Credit: Dave-F, Flickr Creative Commons

When you can’t quite find your creative groove, it can make you a little nuts! Check out these common obstacles to creativity—and then see what you can do to overcome them.

Ten Obstacles to Creativity

  1. Interruptions
  2. Lack of interruptions (aka breaks)
  3. Stress
  4. Lack of exercise
  5. Over-long hours and burnout
  6. Not taking yourself seriously
  7. Inability to take criticism
  8. New project-itis (aka inability to finish)
  9. Inability to let a project go (aka perfectionism)
  10. A loud inner critic

Resources to Overcome!

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Resources: Writing Prompts

Looking for some writing prompts to get you moving today? Check out one of these fantabulous resources:

Scott Bridges

Do you use writing prompts? Why or why not?