Pen and Paper: More Reasons to Embrace Writing Longhand

Writing things down, with your actual hands, is just plain better at getting you to remember and execute good ideas.

So begins “The Pen is Mightier Than the Phone: a Case for Writing Things Out” by Kevin Purdy. He goes on to list key reasons that writing things out the old-fashioned way might be your best choice, such as its association with better learning and memory, therapeutic uses, and the fact that writing longhand creates a “smoother path from brain to the printed word.”


Photo by lrargerich on Flickr Creative Commons

What more do you need? You now have permission to indulge in a new pen. Purely for therapeutic purposes :).

Handwriting Online?

I love to write longhand. It can spark creativity, get me past a creative block, and help me get into flow—and there’s science that shows writing longhand activates different parts of the brain than typing on a computer keyboard.

Plus there’s nothing quite like the feel of a beautiful pen gliding across paper.

I’m not sure this quite counts as writing longhand, but it’s so cool I just had to share. Enjoy!


Do you ever write longhand? What do you think of taking the “handwritten” approach online?