Ahoy, Sea Serpent! Blog Hop


This is a continuation of one of the story lines in Kerri Cuevas’s Ahoy Sea Serpent Blog Hop. Click on the link to start your adventure. You’re here because you chose to Go with the creature!

You’re probably crazy, but you start swimming toward the sea serpent and the strange glowing dome. The monster watches with huge eyes unblinking until, apparently satisfied that you’re cooperating, it twists to dive alongside you. Iridescent scales speed past. Realizing it will leave you behind, you grab one of its pectoral fins.

Your arm nearly jerks out of its socket, water roars in your ears, and the tank slides from your grip so quickly that you only manage to save it by wrapping both legs around the cold metal. Your eyes burn with salt water, but you can’t bring yourself to close them. Beneath the dome’s glow, you’re sure you see buildings and, even better, some of the moving shapes look the right size to be human.

If, by some miracle, people live in this strange structure, you might find your love living with them.

Then you see it: a shimmering oval edged in white, clearly some sort of entrance into the dome. Even better, the oval is nearly transparent, so you can see the people within pointing at you.

Eagerly, you push away from the sea serpent and start toward it—but the serpent’s tail whips around you in tight coils. It drags you down another twenty feet as you writhe in its grip, then releases you alongside a second dome, this one a hundred thousand times smaller than the first. It, too, has what looks like a doorway marked with a thin green glow. Inside, all is dark, but you glimpse a flash of white that looks disturbingly like teeth.

The serpent’s immense head butts against you, pushing you to the door.

Do you try to open the doorway into the smaller dome?

Or do you swim back to the larger dome and the people you saw within?

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  1. says

    Hey Cheryl!

    So sorry it took ages to get my link up, but it is now:) Also I wanted to let you know that your link isn’t working. I had to go to your home page to get here. I love your entry though:)

  2. says

    I too had to jump to your home page, hope that gets fixed soon! But other than that, this is starting to flow. Very fun!

  3. says

    Links worked for me :) Hmmm think I’m going back to the larger dome, I don’t trust that darned serpent!

  4. says

    Decisions, decisions. Except I know where one of them is going to end up! Great fragment, Cheryl.

  5. says

    This is fun!

    I’m going to swim back to the big dome.
    The little one looks dangerous.

  6. says

    hmmmm, let’s try the smaller dome. If I’m not out in 15 come for me!! :/