The hidden price of "productivity" every writer needs to know -

You’ve probably read the same tips I have: Have a smart phone? Check Facebook while standing in line at the post office! Respond to Twitter messages while waiting for your dentist! Catch up on your news feed while sitting on the pot! For years, I thought the path to increased productivity was to squeeze in MORE–more […]


  1. says

    Researching is definitely one of my favourite things about writing. I wish I could call writing my job, but in a way it’s probably my 2nd job 😉 I just don’t get paid for it yet.

    Awesome video – I’ll always have a soft spot for sailing. I miss my home country.

  2. says

    Isn’t Youtube a great resource for research?! One of my chapters involves a pioneer family’s trek through deep woods. One video in particular that I saved evokes the images and detail I needed and, next to actually getting out there and hiking (which we do, but not every day :-)has stirred my imagination, too. Like you, I find it fascinating to be a writer in this day and age!

  3. says

    This video is awesome! I’ve always had a fascination with the sea and sailing. I bet this proved to be a great resource!

    Hmm….wonder what I can google and watch under the umbrella of “research”? :)

  4. Nicole Schuman says

    This is really cool! The sound of the sea really never fails to soothes you. Great job!

  5. Ms.Harrison says

    Searching is lovely like travelling and get adventure with, just like writing, you need to explore your self in order to form a kind of a word/ articles that will bring a huge happiness to a reader… :)