Off to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m enjoying a weekend of inspiration and learning at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, in Colorado Springs, CO. I’ll be back next week, and plan to kick off the new Friday series—profiles of publishers accepting unagented manuscripts—with information about Belle Books/Bell Bridge Books.

If you have any specific questions you’d like to ask of publishers in the upcoming weeks, please give me a shout.

Have a fantabulous weekend!

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  1. Mona says

    …and I’m at the New England Conference! Have fun and will “see” you soon.

    • says

      I’m so glad to hear you had a good time! I’m eager to hear your report as well :).

      Now to get mine written….

  2. Muddy Kinzer says

    Cheryl, this sounds great! I can’t wait to see what you learned!

  3. says

    Ooh, how fun! Have a great time! And your Friday series sounds like it’ll be great.