The Ultimate Creativity Power-Up for Introverts

As an (almost) off-the-chart introvert, I could be perfectly happy spending my days tapping away at the computer in a cabin in the woods, far away from civilization, without ever venturing into the real world. And despite the appeal that this scenario may have for the other introverts out there–you know who you are!–doing so would be a huge mistake.

Why? Because travel, and stepping outside your comfort zone, is one of the world’s best creativity boosters. All you have to do is keep your eyes, ears, and notebooks open.

Rather than list all the fine ways that travel, a change of scenery, and the unexpected can stimulate ideas–insight!–and lightning bolts of inspiration, I’d like to share some photos from my most recent creativity-boosting excursion: a visit to the little-known Bishop Castle.

Bishop Castle


More of a living sculpture than an actual building, this remarkable place is the creation of metalworker Jim Bishop. He’s been working on it for 40-plus years and is still hard at it, with plans for a dungeon, a wall encircling the property, and a rotating chamber seated atop one of the stone towers, covered with a geodesic dome of iron and tempered glass panes.

This building will certainly influence one of the major settings in my next novel. The man behind it–well, let’s just say he’s as inspirational as the building he’s creating. Talking with him was a delight! Reading his signs was almost as great. Scroll down to see what I mean :).

Bishop CastleBishop Castle





Bishop CastleBishop CastleBishop CastleBishop CastleBishop Castle


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