Christian Marie Herron, Strategic Storyteller + Brand Strategist


Earlier this week, I shared my recent experience of working with a writing coach. And I’ve found it so beneficial, I wanted to share the love by introducing you, dear readers, to a broad spectrum of coaches with a broad range of expertise. For today’s guest, please offer a warm welcome to Christian Marie Herron, a coach who focuses on the business and branding side of being a writer and business person.

Christian Marie Herron is a Strategic Storyteller + Brand Strategist.  She is the founder and owner of Herron Media, a boutique, bespoke storytelling and branding company serving entrepreneurs and small businesses in a variety of industries.  Her joy is helping business owners weave together the symphony of their personal experiences, talents, and desires into a powerful Brand Story that helps them attract more clients and make more money.  She’s a New England native but currently lives in Florida with her husband and three children.

You can find her at, as well as on social media:

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How can a writer decide if working with a coach would benefit them?

The majority of my clients are great writers already but need help weaving together all of their experience and talent in a clear, compelling way.  I think it’s tough to tell your story when you are in it so it’s really helpful to work with a storyteller who can help you pull out threads of your story that will really resonate with your audience. So if a writer is feeling overwhelmed with how to arrange their life experience and talent in a way that feels good and natural, then they may want to consider working with coach or storyteller.

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The Avoidance Trap

Sisters_SelfieI just returned home after spending almost a week in upstate New York, seeing family. It was a strange sort of visit because 1) it was just me visiting, and 2) I visited just one household. I left my husband, kids, and dogs behind, rather than packing up the whole gang for our usual cross-country expedition; and although I got to see lots of different family members, I didn’t try to see everyone, the way I usually would.

I also didn’t try to keep up with work, write a daily word or page count, or even pop into social media (except the occasional Facebook “like” when my sister posted about what we were doing!) I was there to see people–to talk to them, hang out with them, be part of their lives for a while, and generally get to know them and find out what’s going on in their lives.

Workaholic, Much?

This type of visit might not sound that earth-shattering to some of you, but the truth is that I might be just a teensy bit of a workaholic. (I’m not admitting that I am a workaholic, mind you–just admitting that it’s a distinct possibility….) Setting aside work for almost a week–not just “work” work, but also child-wrangling, laundry, scheduling, emails, and all the other day-to-day minutia of modern life–was a new concept for me. It felt kinda weird.

And uncomfortable.

There’s something safe and familiar about staying busy, ya know? It gives me an easy exit if conversations get too intense (“I really have to spend some time working…”). It makes me feel valuable, maybe ever-so-slightly self-important (Look, mom, the world can’t really keep on ticking if I don’t check my emails and get back to my Important Clients and do my Important Work and other Important Stuff…) Staying busy makes it easier to stay a safe distance from worries because you can just straight to solutions, bypassing those pesky emotions altogether. (Yes, yes, stop talking about feelings, let’s FIX THINGS, okay? That makes me feel in control again….)

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