10 Ways to Use Microsoft Word More Effectively

Microsoft Word

Love it or hate it, this word processing program is the industry standard and, for most of us, a daily tool of the trade. It’s so easy to learn the program’s basics , most of us start using it without taking the time to delve more deeply into its features. Why should we? Once you know how to type, format margins, and maybe do a search-and-replace, you’re ready to go. At least, that’s usually my attitude. I don’t want to learn the program. I just want it to work!



Over the years, though, I’ve discovered that Word has a number of time-saving tricks…tricks that convinced even this impatient writer that it was worth my time to learn to use this writing tool more effectively. Some are basic, and will help the computer-phobic to make Word operate a bit more efficiently. Others are a bit more technical, so that (hopefully) the list will have something to offer even to the experiences Word user.

10 Ways for Writers to Use Microsoft Word More Effectively

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